Holidays in Mauritania

Mauritania is one of the places in the whole world that has several sites of tourist attraction. It's also one of the places with the best hotels and dining experiences, just like restaurants derry. With all that known, it may seem impossible to believe the fact that it's a wild land which has gorgeous deserts and towns which have been blown constantly with sand storms. This can offer a very good adventure for anyone who has been looking forward towards enjoying the scene of nomads living in tents that are made from goat hair and strongly adhering to the traditions of their ancestors.

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Holiday trips

The trips that are fostered in this place are unique and they are one of their own kinds because this is a country that has not been visited so often in the years that has passed by. Many travelers who have travelled have had the honor of being excited by the hidden gems and beautiful sand dunes and barchans that are found in the vast desert of Sahara.


As opposed to what many people think of Mauritania, that the conditions of living are extremely conspicuous but this is all a bluff made by those who have never been to this place. Of course it could be very hot but at the same time, it has on-shore winds which blow at the coast and several kilometers from the coastal line. These onshore breezes create a relatively cool condition and I would bet you will only need some sun glasses to enjoy a holiday in Mauritania.


During one of those cold winters, trying out a tour in the Manhattan and enjoying the world's most unique cultures and landscapes. Camping will be a necessity since going out in the vast desert would mean going through a long way and that would mean having your camping items available just in case the night falls. It will also be a very interesting experience being carried around on camels, one of the most adored domestic animals which not only help the locals with food products but are also significant as part of their means of transport to move around as nomads.

Local communities

The local communities are very friendly people. Interacting with these nomads is easier like having bread and butter for your breakfast as long as you don't interfere with their traditions and religious systems. These communities to some extent, unlike most of the travelers, they have no respect for wildlife and they would sell products like the souvenirs which have been made from some of the endangered species in North and West Africa.

Holiday companies

These companies are those that offer you with the opportunity of travelling and touring these lovely places at the expense of friendly charges. Some of these companies are like those which are allied to the hotels in derry ireland while some are based in the UK. Travelling is made simple since these entities have all the experts to guide your adventure missions and tour travels. Therefore, if you are contemplating to have a holiday in Mauritania, then these will be able to give you an insight on what to expect.